Hey Canada! It’s Time to Talk Sex-Ed School – Launches June 20, 2019 on Shaftesbury Kids’ YouTube Channel

This timely and ground-breaking program is an entertaining and educational, non-scripted series about sexuality and healthy relationships for youth, ages 9-12.

By: Sue Baldaro, courtesy of sbpr & associates, published June 6, 2019

Sex-Ed School (SES) launches on Shaftesbury Kids’ YouTube channel on June 20, 2019. This timely and ground-breaking program is an entertaining and educational, non-scripted series about sexuality and healthy relationships for youth, ages 9-12. The 8-part, 8-minute kids’ web-series is produced by independent producer Louise Pollard with the financial participation of the Shaw Rocket Fund.

It’s never been a more important time for parents and educators to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and start talking about sexuality and healthy relationships with kids. It’s not just “the talk,” it’s an everyday on-going dialogue that normalizes, not dramatizes, these conversations. Each episode features two expert hosts, Nadine and Eva, leading a respectful and authentic dialogue on sexual health, and guiding participants through fun and thought-provoking activities about specific topics as well as meeting special guests.

Inspired by a desire to keep up with her then 12-year-old daughter, independent producer and educator Louise Pollard set out to learn more about current trends in sex-ed. Pollard found lots of great resources but none that showcased kids talking openly about what they already knew or articulating what they wanted to learn. As a straight-talking Australian and former teacher, Pollard wanted to provide a safe and fun learning space to help kids, parents and educators get comfortable with these life-long conversations. 

Pollard spoke openly about the catalyst for creating content that provides kids with comprehensive sex education. “Sex-Ed School is about open and honest dialogue. It’s age- appropriate information kids need now to help them make healthy decisions about their bodies and their future sex lives.” Continues Pollard, “Comprehensive sex education, when done well, provides information that is inclusive, diverse, caring and kind, and will give kids the knowledge they need to navigate the often-overwhelming digital landscape in which we live.”

“Sex Ed School broaches a tough and very important subject in a fun, meaningful way,” says Agnes Augustin, Shaw Rocket Fund President & CEO. “We are excited to support Louise Pollard and team in fuelling the minds of our youth with quality programming, bringing light to complex issues, and further cementing Canada as a leader in kids’ programming.”

SES co-host Nadine Thornhill, Ed.D is your friendly neighborhood sex educator with some serious credentials. With a doctorate in Education in Human Sexuality, Nadine is well-equipped to get kids and parents to openly talk about sex. She was the go-to expert tapped to discuss the recent, if not controversial, policy moves made by the Ontario Conservative government surrounding public school sex education. Says Nadine: “Sex-Ed School demonstrates how we can have honest conversations with kids about sexuality that are straightforward, age-appropriate…and even fun!” 

Nadine’s co-host Eva Bloom is currently an MSc student in the University of Guelph’s interdisciplinary program Family Relations and Applied Nutrition (FRAN) in the field of Family Relations and Human Development with a focus on the social psychology of sexuality. She is the creator of the YouTube channel “What’s My Body Doing?” and is well-versed in issues of youth sexuality. Says Eva: “Sex-Ed School is so important in setting kids up for positive relationships with themselves and others! This means learning about their body without shame or fear, healthy relationships, and acceptance.” 

Sex-Ed School is produced with the generous support of Shaftesbury and with the financial participation of the Shaw Rocket Fund. It is written and directed by television series and documentary filmmaker Kim Harris (Under New Management, Collar of Duty). Director of Photography is Angelia Hughes (The Beaverton, Stanley Dynamic).

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