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Teaching the Fundamental Movement Skills to develop physical literacy

A child with a strong understanding of fundamental movement skills will have a head start for lifelong physical activity. When given the opportunity to learn a wide range of physical skills, children gain the competence, confidence, and motivation to try a variety of activities and sports.

Considered the building blocks of movement, basic fundamental movement skills include running, jumping, kicking, throwing, catching, striking, and wheeling. Educators can play a key role in introducing children to these skills. To teach them effectively, educators must be able to demonstrate the movements, provide stage-appropriate feedback, and lead activities that allow children to practice the skills in a safe manner.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Fundamental Movement Skills workshop, presented by TeamSnap, breaks down the components of the fundamental movement skills and offers information on development of physical literacy. It also provides a simplified teaching process for demonstrating, observing, and leading the skills, and how to adapt this process for participants with intellectual, physical, sensory, or behavioural disabilities.

Although this workshop is normally provided by Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (P/TCRs), it is also available as a High School Kit so physical education teachers can train their students to lead the workshop. The kit can be easily integrated into lesson plans and can fit into a 35 minute, 60 minute or 75 minute time frame. It can also be taught as a unit or a period, depending on the educator’s preference.

Kathy Brook, a grade twelve Physical Education teacher, has been incorporating this workshop into her lesson plan for several years. She feels “it’s the ideal coach education workshop to get students started in coaching and introduce them to the NCCP.” By using the flexible template, she was able to build it into her classes and even have it count towards the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) in Sports certificate offered at her school. “I’ve taken the module one step further and partnered with an elementary school so my students can put into practice what they’ve learned.” This partnership allows students in her class to gain practical experience that they can then apply in a job environment when they work with younger children at camps or in recreation settings.

Tierney Boucher, a teacher from Bluevale C. I., also incorporates the program into her lesson plan each year. She says, “A teacher should use this resource to provide practical leadership opportunities for students. They are able to gain perspective and the skillset to teach themselves and others proper fundamental movements to be successful in sports and activities for life. My students embraced the opportunity and were so grateful to be trained, and now have this on their resume.” 

The Coaching Association of Canada is proud to present NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills in partnership with TeamSnap. More than 24 million coaches, administrators, players, and parents rely on TeamSnap’s powerful but easy-to-use solutions for communication, scheduling, payment collection, registration, and much more. Until December 1, 2022, those who complete the Fundamental Movement Skills workshop will receive a promo code for 20% off their TeamSnap subscription for one year.

To learn more about the NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills workshop and the High School Kit option, connect with your local Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative (P/TCR) or visit

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