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We would like you to be part of PEI CAP 2023.

We are looking for dynamic presenters who are going to engage, excite, and excel in sharing your expertise and your story to educational leaders from across Canada and around the world.

PEI CAP 2023 will be a marquee leadership event immersing you in a multitude of personal and professional experiences only found when visiting Prince Edward Island.

As a presenter, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful “bucket list” destinations in the world. Prince Edward Island is renowned for our breathtaking “red sand” beaches, world-ranked golf courses, and picturesque landscapes from West Cape to East Point. Along with the beauty of our “Island”, you will be immersed in our “down home” hospitality, our historic cultural roots, and our fabulous PEI people.

When you arrive on PEI, you will feel right at home and you will be an “Islander” for as long as you stay. Welcome to your Island!

Our PEI CAP 2023 Conference presentations will include leadership stories, personal journeys, and professional practices that are current and connected to educational themes and up-to-date school leadership topics. As a premiere leadership event, we know that many presenters will want to be on PEI to share their story in May 17-19, 2023.

We would like you to be part of PEI CAP 2023. Now is the time to submit your presentation proposal.

We invite you to submit an expression of interest to offer a presentation at PEI CAP 2023.

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  • A digital projector will be in each presentation space, but you will need to bring your own computer, iPad, and dongle (the attachment that connects you to the projector) and a small speaker to attach to your device if needed.
  • Everyone who submits a proposal will be contacted after September 30 to verify whether or not your presentation will be a part of the PEI CAP 2023 conference.

Thank you for your submission.

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