J.C. Erhardt Memorial School


POSITION: Principal with Teaching Duties

J.C. Erhardt Memorial School, P.O. Box 134
Makkovik, A0P 1J0

· Bachelor of Education
· Master of Education

Full time permanent position for Principal with Teaching Duties. Duties to commence September 6, 2022.  J.C. Erhardt Memorial is a Grade Kindergarten to Grade 12 school with a projected student enrolment of 75.

As Principal you will be part of the District’s Leadership Team and be committed to furthering the District goals for student success. You will be a learning leader and be able to demonstrate a “students first” philosophy in previous experiences as a teacher and/or administrator.

Reporting to your Director of Schools, you will provide leadership to staff in the improvement of teaching and learning; the school development process; the performance appraisal process; the development of annual staffing plans for schools and ensuring schools are programmed appropriately to meet the needs of all students. Along with your school based team you will take responsibility for student learning in your building.

As a successful leader you seek out opportunities to promote practices that create equity, recognize individual differences and celebrate cultural diversity.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

● Extensive and demonstrated knowledge and experience in leading for learning in a school community.

● Demonstrated and thorough knowledge of current pedagogy and methodology of what constitutes exemplary teaching and for an outcome-based curriculum that defines the learning goals of education in the province.

● Demonstrated experience providing instructional leadership to promote student learning, as well as using data to inform instructional and administrative decisions.

● The ability to develop trust and positive, stable working relationships with students, staff, parents, professional groups, and relevant stakeholders.

● The ability to play a lead role in shaping a safe and positive learning environment. You are able to facilitate a climate of trust ensuring that each individual feels welcome and safe within your school community.

● Understand the importance of building the leadership potential of others wherein every individual is recognized as having strengths that are encouraged, nudged, and called upon to enable that person to be a leader when it is recognized that the situation calls for that particular person’s strength, ability or skills.

● The ability to lead by example and build vision by and through consensus, through the shared, collaborative creation of purpose and direction of the school with all stakeholders.

● Demonstrated ability to cultivate a caring, supportive, and safe school community that promotes the academic success and the social, behavioural and emotional well-being of each student as well as the personal and professional health, well-being, and work-life balance of staff.

● A systems approach to the identification of operational/educational issues and problem solving is required for this position.

● Ability to contribute effectively to the development of district plans, policies and practices.

● Strong supervisory, team-building, time management, analytical and problem solving skills.

● Demonstrated ability to manage the school, its facilities, and financial and human resources to provide an effective and safe learning environment for students and staff.

● Demonstrated ability and working knowledge in all aspects of managing the financial requirements for running a school. Including but not limited to receipt and disbursements of funds, bank reconciliations, expenditure rules, controls and the importance of accurate record keeping. This includes both school allocated and school generated funds.

Minimum Qualifications: A Master’s Degree with appropriate teaching methods.

Please note candidates designated as Highly Recommended in 2020 individual Administrative Competitions will have that designation carry over for 2021 and 2022.  The 2020 designation shall apply for 2 years. Candidates must signal their interest in individual school competitions by applying to them.  Interviews for 2022 competitions will not be required if candidates have the highly recommended designation.

REMINDER: Electronic eOFFERs have a 24 hour expiration – applicants must monitor their email accounts.

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