Spring 2021

Community Based and Socially Engaged Learning: Lessons for life

Students will gain a more adaptable skill set by engaging in experiential and community-based learning, enhancing them in preparation for the path known most as everyday life.

By having students directly interact with individuals aligned with a social engagement program, you are deepening their comprehension of what is being taught in the classroom. This enables them to naturally develop a stronger connection to the classroom content when it is tied into a real-life setting of which they personally experience. 

Even from a young age, students working along side prominent, strong community leaders can expand their knowledge and learn firsthand the potential a strong character will provide to them. Intercultural experience will allow them to grow and enhance their understanding and values, when given the opportunity to work or participate in a variety of activities in diverse communities.

For the faculty supporting and implementing community engagement within their classroom, the opportunity to promote active learning with varying learning styles can be extremely rewarding; it can engage less than interested individuals, while also attracting highly motivated students. This approach may also curate a more interactive and inclusive psychology within the classroom setting, enabling students to feel more valued with voices that are being heard. Drawing community in the class will ease the tension by encouraging students to interact with those that they may not typically engage or socialize with. Hence, introducing and providing those who tend to be more isolated with
a vehicle to transition into less awkward, newfound relationships with others while simultaneously adding strength to existing ones. 

Working closely with community partners who have a strong presence that a student may be familiar with or can easily relate to is one of the key factors in making a smooth introduction and or transition as they become engaged. Not only will a student gain a stronger sense of oneself, but they can see the impact that the organization has on individuals and the community. By being directly involved with the organization and its mission, the student is then able to recognize the importance of their individual contribution – regardless of its significance – within the organization, and more importantly, within a community they likely call home. 

Community/social engagement and individual enrichment programs are easily accessible and most welcome students to assist with their efforts or to promote their mission. Allowing students to gain personal growth through such environments often allow them to experience growth, confidence and stability. They will often develop a more comprehensive perspective of the organization’s mission and more importantly its value. The skills they gain through the active participation and mentorship of leaders within these organizations and their programs and life lessons that build strength and positive character for years to come. 

Following are a few such organizations we encourage you to explore. 

Social Engagement Profiles:

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