Brian Lewthwaite


Brian Lewthwaite came to the northern Yukon 40 years ago as a first year university student followed by four years of engagement with northern First Nations which lead to marriage with a Yukon First Nations woman and her cultural orientation and a life committed to interrupting what we call ‘education’. After several years of teaching, learning and post-graduate study in northern Canada, New Zealand and Australia he is currently Adjunct Full Professor in Education at James Cook University (Australia) and University of British Columbia and Senior Scholar at University of Manitoba. He is currently the Co-ordinator of the Yukon Native Teacher Education. Brian’s primary research focus has been in the area of science education with specific focus on pre-service and in-service teacher development. More broadly, of particular concern for Brian has been the attention given to ensuring the educational experience provided for Indigenous students across their colonized countries is located consistent with local community and self-determining priorities for education, rather than being mandated by nationalistic imperialistic goals. He has written in excess of 120 refereed scholarly papers, 18 book chapters, four books, secured as lead investigator, with collaborators, in excess of $8,000,000 in research funding and continues to consistently work in collaboration with educational invested authors and teachers in supporting changes in practice to support teacher change and student learning.

Presentation Topics

Breakout Session # 1: Culturally Responsive Teaching for Yukon First Nations Learners​
Breakout Session # 2: Culturally Responsive Teaching for Yukon First Nations Learners​