Bob Sharp


Bob Sharp has held various education positions in the Yukon over 49 years. These include: Yukon Department of Education, Teacher training in experiential education and curriculum development. Yukon College seasonal instructor in Yukon Teacher Education Program, Teacher, Experiential Science 11 program, Director of Curriculum Development, Regional Superintendent, Projects Coordinator, Research Coordinator, school Principal. Throughout the course of his time in the Yukon, Bob has received many award, most notable: Hillary Award for Teaching Innovation, Prime Ministers Award for Teaching Excellence, and the Yukon’s Innovative Teachers Award. Bob developed and taught the Experiential Science 11 (ES11) program that integrated Chemistry 11, Biology 11, Geography 12, Applied Field Studies 11, Fine Arts 11 and CAPP 11/12. This program of studies involved in 90 day a year in outdoor activities and field studies incorporating many different place-based activities. He has placed about 200 of these activities on a website so that others may use these community based studies. Bob conducted a long-term study following students who took part in ES 11 10 to 20 years after they left high school. Since retiring he worked part time with the Yukon Department of Education as an Experiential Education and shares his experiences with teachers throughout Canada and in Ethiopia.

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